Children learn best, and grow physically and emotionally in creative, warm and stimulating environment. At Smart Child preschool your child will be provided with such an environment to facilitate a gentle transition into a world of new friends and experiences.
We recognize children learn only in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Our staff of trained, certified teachers is committed to helping each child realize his full potential and develop a positive attitude about him and others.
At Smart Child we try to provide children with limitless learning experiences, which is why our rooms divided into discovery centers. Our centers include: house keeping, dramatic play, fine motor, blocks, art, music, language, library, and science. During the week children are encouraged to visit all of our discovery centers.
Smart Child preschool organizes our learning program based on units, which reflect a particular theme for the week. We incorporate language development and math/science programs into our units and design our discovery centers to reflect the chosen theme.
During the day children are asked to join in a small group for learning time. This time designed to teach children necessary basic pre-reading and pre-math skills. Academics are highly valued by staff and parents of Smart Child Preschool.
Our goal is to provide opportunities for everyone to learn and interact in an environment in which racial, cultural and national heritages are respected. We do not acknowledge any one religion. Major holiday celebrations are done in a matter where every child’s background is acknowledged.bird_circle

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