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During the day, breakfast, lunch, and two snacks are served. At 8:00 a.m. children eat breakfast. At 9:00 a.m. they have a mid-morning snack. At 12 p.m. we serve home cooked, nutritious lunch prepared daily. At 4 p.m. we have a mid-afternoon snack. At Smart Child preschool we are very concerned about the nutrition young bodies need, which is why we serve homemade soups, vitamin D milk, and fresh fruits.
Although we encourage the exploration of variety of foods, we never force the children to eat against their will.
In the event that the child requires substitution of a part of the meal due to medical or religious reasons, parents should bring food in an enclosed container. It will be properly stored and served only to the appropriate child.circle_cup

icon_listDiscipline and Discharge Policy

At Smart Child preschool we use two types of discipline techniques: redirection and time-out. Discipline means setting limits, guiding behavior and helping children to learn to control their actions themselves. At no time will any corporal punishment or other abusive methods be used. Staff at no time will not use physical punishment nor will children ever be punished for having patty accident. Denial of food or outside play will not be used as punishment. Time-out chairs will be used a minute time for every year of a child’s age. If the child has to be punished more than three times during the same day, parent will be notified and asked for their help. If the teacher finds that time-out chair is not helping the child, parents will be asked to participate in a cooperative behavior management plan devised by director, teacher and parent. If unmanageable behavior continues a child will be placed under a two-week probation. During which time parents will be notified in writing each day about the child’s behavioral progress. schoolhouse

icon_listAdditional Info

Special Needs
Smart Child preschool will accept children with special needs as long the staff and the program is able to accommodate the child without unreasonable hardship. If applicable the center will cooperate with outside agencies working with the child to promote his/her individual goals.

Field Trips
Occasional field trips are an important and fun part of learning about the world. Visits to the children’s theater, park and petting farms are common occurrences. When applicable, financial support for the field trip will be required. We will ask parents with the children under 3 ½ years of age to accompany their child on the field trip.


Medicine Policy
We realize that there are times when your child may need medication during the day. Smart Child staff will administer only dated, labeled, physician approved and parent authorized medication. We require that you complete a prescription medication authorization form as necessary for each medication. No fever feducing medicine will be given. If a child has a high fever they need to be kept at home.

Keeping Healthy
When children come in contact with others they also come in contact with many viruses and diceases. At Smart Child preschool we try to control the spread of infection by washing and disinfecting toys and tables. We teach the children to wash their hands and not to put toys in their mouth. The most important thing we can do to protect your child is to exclude children who have symptoms of a disease.schoolhouse

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